Date: 23 Mar 2019
Run/Time: HD 42:51

Studio: ColbyKnox

Gay Porn Stars: , ,

In this weeks new release from ColbyKnox, we have a past show with fan favorites Oliver Saxon and Cameron Taylor. Its a complete free for all in this fuck fest full of tight bodies, big dicks and round bubble butts!!! Mickey Knox is dying to get inside of Camerons tight little cheeks, Colby Chambers not complaining in the slightest about starting out with sexy muscle Twink Oliver Saxon. The 4 sexy boys go at it in a number of different pairings and positions, feeding off of each other as they build more and more toward their inevitable climax. Watching these four enjoy each other and cater to the live crowd is a whole lot of fun, clearly comfortable in their own skin as they each get what they want. Watching Mickey indulge in pure voyeuristic joy as he watches Oliver have a go at Cameron is incredible!!! Watching him stroke and get more and more worked up as Oliver fucks the hell out of Cameron Taylor, his entire body turning red as he reaches his boiling point. Enjoy!!!