Date: 26 Sep 2019
Run/Time: HD 28:26

It seems like the more things change, the more things stay the same. We were really hoping that some new procedural enhancements would get the guys to actually go out and get jobs, and – more importantly – pay their fucking rent on time every week. I mean, it’s not THAT much money, and since most of them know how to suck cock you’d think they would at least put up an ad online or something.

Nope. These good-for-nothing lazy fucks will make every attempt to do nothing all day, every day. So the vicious cycle begins again every week. With these two guys, however, they were each 3 weeks overdue on rent. Of course they got a royal pound down. Now some of the residents even get used to being barebacked and turned into cum dumpsters for the House Managers, but the one thing they HATE the most is having anyone else know about it. So when you do two of them at once, it turns out to be very humiliating, and thus a much better lesson. While they were sucking my cock and taking my bare dick, I could just see the little cogs twirling in their brains. The tough guy was probably wondering if twinkle-toes would think he is gay now, and try to hit on him. The other has such a low self esteem he was probably more worried that he didn’t look very good with a middle aged man’s cock down his throat. At any rate, they each shared a load of cum and licked my dick clean. In spite of how good both of their asses felt, however, they are gonna be on the street in a week if they don’t pay up.