Date: 14 Sep 2019
Run/Time: HD 2:09:00

Reminiscing about the previous night’s festivities, Donte Thick and Quentin Gainz both get so worked up that they decide to sneak off for a private quickie. Donte leads Quentin to a rarely used office and they quickly strip out of their clothes. With roomie Mark Long taking a shower. Donte Thick decides now is the perfect time to make his move. Stealing his towel, he creeps around the corner and waits, as Mark comes out of the shower, naked and dripping wet. Luke Reed understands that Mathias is on break from work, so he gets right to business, sucking his cock until it’s throbbing hard. Mathias leans Luke up against the car and begins to finger his ass, before replacing it with his hard dick. With his bags packed and his train departure time fast approaching. Donte Thick is ready to call a wrap on his get away weekend, but Ty Mitchell would like to extend it for one final fuck goodbye. Ty tells him he’ll make it worth, grabbing Donte and pulling him closer.