Date: 8 Nov 2019
Run/Time: HD 1:00:39

Two very hot str8 guys, Viktor Adam and Peter Lipnik are enjoying each other’s company. Wearing only underwear they are sitting on the sofa, Peter between Viktor’s legs, and feeling each other. They kiss briefly and then Viktor lays down along the sofa, having his underwear removed, as Peter begins to kiss his chest and work his way down to the cock. Honza Bilek is paired with Peto Mohac for his screentest. They sit on the bed and chat a little. Then Peto leans over and they start kissing. Honza lays on his back and Peto begins to feel his chest and open his shirt. He leans forward and kisses Honza’s bare chest as he gropes him too. Peto rubs that sexy chest and continues with gentle kisses on the neck, mouth and nipples. Then he opens Honza’s jeans and pulls them and the underwear down sufficiently to get access to the cock. Milan Neros is a very hot guy and in his screentest he is paired with Nicolas Daner. Nicolas joins Milan on the bed and does a brief interview with him. Then they start to kiss and Nicolas helps Milan off with his tee shirt. He pushes Mialn down on the bed as they continue to kiss. Nicolas opens and removes Milan’s jeans, revealing his large, swollen cock.